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Roll The Quadcast: Former Wake Forest Basketball Player Bobby Hoekstra Joins the Podcast

We had a special guest for tonight’s edition of Roll The Quadcast

We had a special guest on tonight’s episode of Roll The Quadcast, as former Wake Forest basketball player Bobby Hoekstra joined us to talk about the late, great Skip Prosser. He also provided some excellent anecdotes on playing at Wake Forest under Prosser and Dino Gaudio, as well as the best game he witnessed as a player, and who the toughest player to guard in practice during his time in Old Gold and Black.

He also talked a bit about the alumni outreach that Coach Danny Manning has engaged in and what that means for former players.

If you haven't listened to an episode yet then we highly recommend this one, as there is an actual former player talking about his experiences instead of just Riley and Rob rambling.

It is linked below for ease, but will also be available on iTunes shortly, so check it out there too!

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