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Remembering Skip Prosser

Ten years after his death, Prosser is still remembered fondly by Deacon fans

Maryland v Wake Forest

EDITOR’S NOTE - This story originally ran last year on the ten year anniversary of Skip Prosser’s death. It is once again July 26th, and we want to keep the memory of Skip alive in our own way each year, so it is being republished to remind everybody what Skip meant to us all.

It’s hard for longtime Wake Forest fans like myself to believe that it has been ten years to the day since our beloved coach Skip Prosser died of a heart attack after running running on the track at Kentner Stadium on campus.

Today, Demon Deacon fans, former players, coaches, broadcasters, and people all across the basketball world share their memories of Skip and talk about his impact on their lives.

For me personally, I remember Coach Prosser as always being kind and reaching out to all Deacon fans, but especially interacting with kids. After contacting his office and informing them that I would be at the game on my birthday, Skip sent me a signed poster of the 2003-04 team on which he had written “Happy Birthday Edward”. He also sent me a media guide. That poster still hangs in a frame on my wall. I also have letters that Coach Prosser and I sent back and forth.

Perhaps one of the best things about Skip though were his witty sayings and his command of the English language. A few favorites are “If you can’t be on time, be early”, “Never delay gratitude”, the “ABCs of life-Academics, Basketball, and Character”, and of course “Meet me on the Quad at midnight”.

Wake Forest Magazine ran an article on some of Skip’s best sayings. They begin on page 20, but I recommend checking out the whole article.

Here are some memories of Skip shared today:

And of course we can’t forget Skip started and grew the Tie-Dye Nation! He not only woke the neighbors, but woke the nation and started the Tie-Dye Nation!


Skip Prosser was the true embodiment of Pro Humanitate. There has never been a better example of serving for the people.

Wake Forest hasn’t been the same without you Skip. You are greatly missed. Rest in peace Coach.