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A New Demon Deacon?

Wake Forest has released images on varying Twitter accounts that would appear to show a new mascot costume

NCAA Football - FedEx Orange Bowl - Louisville vs Wake Forest - January 2, 2007

Several tweets in the past week have appeared to show a new Demon Deacon mascot costume, which first appeared after the annual Women’s Football Camp.

Below is a tweet from the Wake Forest Football account that shows some ladies with the Deacon on the motorcycle, and it is immediately apparent that the appearance of the Deacon has changed:

For a more obvious look at the difference, here is a side-by-side of the old Deac next to the new Deac, posted by Anthony Tang:

My first thought when seeing the closeup of this new Deacon is that he lacks emotion, and seems almost like more of a dead person with a vacant stare and very pale skin. The old Deac was friendly and looked very approachable for little kids. This new one displays no visible emotion and appears indifferent to whatever event is going on around him.

While a new mascot costume was desperately needed, I’m not sure this was the best effort on the part of marketing or whoever else was in charge of this rebranding. The Demon Deacon is supposed to be THE #1 FAN of Wake Forest, and I just don't get that vibe from this new look.

Also, in a VERY important matter, is the bowtie still sewn to his chin or has this been changed in the new costume as well? I can’t tell from the pictures and will have to wait until I see him in person at the next athletic event.

What do you all think of the new Demon Deacon? Do you like it or disapprove? And is the bow tie still sewn to his chin or not? Comment below with your opinions.