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New Wake Forest Football Workout Video

The Deacon Recruiting Twitter feed released a sweet video this morning

Military Bowl - Temple v Wake Forest Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

In case you ever wondered what Wake Forest football players are doing at 6:30 in the morning while most of us sleep, the Deacon Recruiting Twitter Feed (@WF_FBRecruiting) has us covered.

A short video came out of the account this morning detailing what exactly goes down at 1834 Wake Forest Rd in the weight room. It’s a video worth checking out:

I am not an expert on the matter at all, but the strength and conditioning programs for the football and basketball programs appear to be top notch.

Ryan Horn for basketball and Brandon Hourigan for football are extremely active on social media and are eager to share the right way to go about training your body safely and effectively.

This work has paid off big time both by just looking at the body composition of the student-athletes after just a short time in the program, and also the records being broken in both programs with regards to weight lifted in a plethora of events.

Kudos to the athletes and the coaching staff for what they do to get stronger in a safe environment. Another shoutout should go to the staff for embracing social media and knowing the benefits it can have as far as recruiting goes.