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Roll The Quadcast: App State, FSU, Clemson Previews

Rob and Riley preview three tough opponents this week.

In this week’s episode of Roll The Quadcast Rob and Riley take a look at the first three games of the difficult stretch of Wake Forest’s football schedule. Wake heads to Boone to take on Appalachian State, hosts Florida State the next weekend, and then heads to Death Valley to take on the defending National Champions in Clemson the following weekend.

They spend a lot of time on the App State game, as the game holds a bit more meaning since it is against an in-state G5 team looking to get its first P5 scalp since moving up to the FBS level.

There were a lot of questions submitted from listeners, so the duo also tackled a few of the following:

Is it concerning how everyone is predicting the App State game to be? Shouldn’t we be able to easily handle them if we’re truly making strides in our football program? Would a loss to them be a set back?

Wake is clearly trending up. What's the hope for the next three years under Clawson? Ryan

Which RS Freshman do you see having the biggest impact for @WakeFB this year? -

Which true freshman will have the biggest impact?

Who's your favorite non-Wake ACC football player and why?

What team do you consider to be WF’s Rival? Can vary by sport.

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