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Roll the Quadcast: A First Look at the Football Schedule

Rob and Riley take a look at Presbyterian, Boston College, and Utah State

NCAA Football: Quick Lane Bowl-Boston College vs Maryland Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Roll The Quadcast: Presbyterian, Boston College, and Utah State Previews

Another week means another edition of Roll The Quadcast. This week Rob and Riley took a look at the first part of the football schedule, which included: Presbyterian, Boston College, and Utah State. In addition to previewing each team briefly, they each gave their thoughts on what the record should be after these three games.

There was a question about what came of WakeyLeaks, so there was also some discussion on that to tie up some loose ends. They also talked about John Collins and his electric start to Summer League Ball on the Atlanta Hawks roster.

While there was a brief technical issue that delayed the start, the kinks continued to get worked out and they are rounding into formation for the start of football season. Hey, we all need some summer training camps at some point, right!

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