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Is the Tie-Dye Getting Phased Out From the Wake Forest Basketball Brand?

Could a social media handle be one of the final changes for Wake basketball?

NCAA Basketball: Richmond at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

An interesting change from the official Wake Forest Basketball Twitter account today has sparked some curiosity about a big change to the branding of Wake Forest basketball. The Twitter handle has officially been changed from Tie Dye Nation to @WakeMBB.

While this very well could be much ado about nothing, I tend to believe it signals the end for Tie-Dye Nation.

There has been a lot of speculation recently that the basketball program needs to go in a different direction with its branding, especially since the Tie-Dye was made popular by Skip Prosser in a time that feels so long ago.

There have been a handful of meetings between various student leadership groups and the athletic department to get a firm grasp on the perception of Wake Forest basketball, and what can be done to improve that perception.

Tie-Dye Nation has been synonymous with Wake Basketball for over a decade now, but given the down years in the [Name Redacted] era, and the current new direction that head coach Danny Manning is taking the program, now more than ever seems like an appropriate time to rebrand completely.

This is a very sensitive topic to a lot of Wake fans, and a divisive one at that. Some feel that the Tie-Dye brand IS Wake Forest basketball and should not be changed. Others feel like it is a throwback to the Prosser years and a fond remembrance of a time when Wake was really good at basketball, but that a new direction is needed.

Regardless of personal feelings about it, the administration is clearly taking a step back from the Tie-Dye on a social media level, and it will be interesting to see if any other final changes will be made to rebrand the student section and the Wake Forest fan base as a whole. I am also interested what the new brand will be.