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Roll The Quadcast Returns This Sunday at 6:30


The long awaited return of the Wake Forest related “Roll the Quadcast” is here. Rob and Riley will join forces once again beginning this Sunday at 6:30 P.M. This will be the weekly day and time for RTQ, and the plan is to have it every week until the end of time.

The focus of this week’s Roll The Quadcast will be a large overview of the 2016-17 sports season, as well as a look ahead to next year’s revenue sports expectations.

We are proud to announce that Roll The Quadcast is officially on iTunes, and the archives can be found in that link. The thought behind doing these on Sunday nights is for our listeners to be able to download it for the Monday commute. We encourage you to subscribe to the channel above so it will come straight to your podcast app. This will also help our numbers and the promotion will be great for the site.

Our little gift to you guys for all that you do in supporting, reading, and listening to our content.

In addition to this being on iTunes, the show will also be available live every single week at 6:30, where you can call in and ask questions/chat about Wake sports. This can be accessed at Blog Talk Radio.

We will tweet out a link at the Roll The Quadcast Twitter feed, and also the personal feeds of Blogger So Dear, Riley, and Rob when the show is about to begin.

Along with a weekly podcast, we will also have intermittent 10-15 minute podcasts that will go over recruiting updates from Ned Harwood. We also hope to frequently have former Wake Forest athletes on for short interviews regarding where they are now, and what their thoughts on Wake Forest are now.

We will also be starting up Facebook Live again to get more video content up on our Facebook page, per popular request (primarily John Walsh).

If you have any questions that you would like answered on the podcast but can’t call in live then we encourage you to e-mail them to BSDRollTheQuadcast at Gmail dot com (written like this to avoid spam).

Any comments, questions, concerns, or ideas are welcome here or privately, as we want to make this the best that we can for the listener.

Thanks for all that you guys do to make Blogger So Dear one of the best sites for getting Wake Forest information.