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NBA Draft Fashion Alert: John Collins Looks Fresh

Our man JC can play ball, but he can also dress too!

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA and NFL Drafts are a culmination of a lifelong dedication to an athletic craft. These guys will see their dreams come true and all their hard work pay off. What good is having all that happen if you can’t put on a good look for it?

We knew John Collins had the talent to play in the NBA, but now we know he has the looks to accompany that talent.

Let’s take a look at what JC is putting on tonight for national television at the 2017 NBA Draft:

I’m no fashion expert, but looks like a plaid suit with a white undershirt along with a blue/purple tie. Not too over the top, but extremely sharp and fresh. The watch is a nice match as well.

Now for the shoes:

I’m sure these will draw a lot of laughs and looks, but my man JC looks fresh to death in these. Also, if a heavy metal concert breaks out in the Barclays Center then we know who the hell is gonna have a good time.

As always, I am impressed with what John is bringing to the table, and he will get a lot of compliments on this attire in my extremely amateur opinion.