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2017-’18 Basketball Jersey Numbers Released

Always fun to see what number jerseys the freshmen choose.

Kansas State v Wake Forest Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

One thing that I look forward to with the finalizing of a basketball roster is the announcement of jersey numbers and height/weight numbers.

Those were released today for the four freshmen that will joining Wake Forest for next year.

Melo Eggleston (6-8, 190) - #11

Chaundee Brown (6-5, 210) - #23

Olivier Sarr (6-11, 210) - #30

Sunday Okeke (6-8, 230)- #34

Eggleston will do his best to fulfill the #11 path of C.J. Harris, while Olivier Sarr will attempt to emulate Travis McKie with the #30. Personally the renewal of #30 is great since I already have that jersey in my closet.

Clearly Chaundee will be the next Michael Jordan or LeBron James, so we should be excited for that.

Okeke coming is going to be the best #34 since Antwan Scott, which will be awesome to watch as well.

From a height/weight standpoint it is somewhat humorous that Sarr and Brown weigh the same amount. It will be vital for head trainer Ryan Horn to just go live with Olivier to make sure he gets the muscle that he needs.

I’m sure the guys on the team will make sure Olivier learns the American treats that are Bojangles and Cookout as well.

These measurements will be updated after the summer, so the comparison will be interesting to see after a summer full of workouts.