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Wake Forest vs. Virginia Tech: BSD Staff Predictions

Does the staff like Wake in today’s rematch against Virginia Tech?

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Virginia Tech Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: Wake Forest wins 86-80

Having just played the Hokies, hopefully the Deacs have figured out their whole team is LEFT HANDED. Hopefully that means we give up fewer drives and kick outs for open 3s. The matchup zone worked well in the first contest, so that may also be a good option on defense.

Chris: Virginia Tech wins 88-80

Both teams will be out to play today, but this time, Tech's lead won't be cut into so easily and their great guard play will be tough to overcome. Wake is on a nice win streak right now, but it's tough to win two games in two days or beat the same team twice in a short amount of time. Hopefully the team has adjusted to the stage by now and we can ride John Collins straight out of the gate.

Grumpy: Wake Forest wins 78-75

Fatigue may be a factor for the Deacs, with Woods (31), Crawford (32), and Collins (35) all logging long minutes against BC. That said, playing in Brooklyn is a far cry from the hostile environment Wake faced in Blacksburg on senior night. On the other hand, VT will be looking for revenge, and came close to figuring out how to stop Collins the first time around. I think this will be a close game, but I'm hoping either Wake's shooters stay hot or DM and JC figure out a way to stymie the double teams, allowing Wake to reel off its 20th win of the season.

Rob: Wake Forest wins 85-80

This one is probably going to be another up-tempo game. Wake did a really nice job of switching to that matchup zone in the second half of their game against Virginia Tech (which Adam did a great job breaking down), and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Wake use it from the very beginning. Hopefully fatigue is not too much of a factor. The benefit for Wake is that Virginia Tech isn’t a particularly deep team, so they won’t be able to consistently send in fresh bodies. I’ll take Wake in a tight one. Win or lose, I fully expect Wake Forest to make the NCAA Tournament. This is all about improving seed.

Samurai: Wake Forest wins 80-74

It'll be tough, but I see John Collins and Bryant Crawford continuing to do their thing, and Mitch Wilbekin coming off the bench and going hard after a comparatively light day today. John getting doubled and tripled today might actually be an advantage, because that was probably the most passing John has done all year and he did a great job. Now he knows he can, and he will.

Do you all think that Wake Forest will beat Virginia Tech for a second time this week?