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ACC Tournament Predictions

The BSD staff takes a stab at predicting the entire ACC Tournament.

ACC Basketball Tournament - Championship Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The ACC Tournament is finally upon us. The action begins today with three games, and will conclude on Saturday night with the championship game. In total, there will be 14 games played over the next 5 days that will go a long way in determining NCAA Tournament berths and seeds. Below are the staff’s ACC Tournament predictions for every game.

ACC Tournament Picks

The staff presented a unified front in support of the Deacs over BC in one of the most important games in the recent history of #therivalry. 3 out of 4 predicted a repeat victory over VT tomorrow, but no one was willing to stick their neck out for an upset over FSU on Thursday in what would be the third game in three days for the Deacs. It’s certainly possible, but stamina could be an issue at that juncture.

In a game that Syracuse probably needs to win to make the NCAA Tournament, the staff is split, as half predicted the Hurricanes would win that game. In other bubble action, 3 out of 4 predicted that Georgia Tech will beat Pittsburgh, but none has the Yellow Jackets getting past Virginia.

Grumpy went with the #duckfook bracket, having the Wolfpack shocking the Blue Devils tomorrow. Somehow Rob was the only person to predict that Clemson would win the first game of the tournament, despite the Tigers being favored. We’ll find out at noon who was right. Otherwise, there’s some unanimity regarding the elite teams. All brackets feature UNC vs. Louisville in the semis at the top of the bracket, and FSU vs. Virginia / Notre Dame at the bottom.

As far as the champions go? The four brackets predict three possible champions: UNC (x2), Louisville, and Virginia. Grumpy was confident enough to beat Virginia to win the entire tournament. There’s no doubt that they are good enough, but they have the disadvantage of only having a single bye.

What’s your bracket? Any bold predictions?