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Wake Forest Fans Celebrate Victory Over #8 Louisville

Pure joy in Winston-Salem.

NCAA Basketball: Pittsburgh at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

“Meet me on the quad at midnight.” Following the Wake Forest basketball team’s massive win over #8 Louisville in a 9 p.m. contest, there was probably never a more fitting time to utter the late Skip Prosser’s beautiful words. Be sure to take in the gorgeous sights from last night. This is what joy looks like.

Many thanks to Addison Sutton for giving us permission to post her Instagram video of Wake Forest students and fans rushing the court following Wake Forest’s thrilling victory over Louisville.

Our man Jake shows that he is truly a man of the people and got down on the court.

I love everything about this next picture. Three Wake guys celebrating a Wake victory by shotgunning a cold domestic brew. Exam in the morning? Who cares, these are moments that the students will be cherishing for the rest of their lives, and that’s far more important than getting an extra hour of sleep or preparation prior to an exam.

It wasn’t a dream. The quad was still rolled in the morning. What a beautiful win and a beautiful night. Here’s to many more during Danny Manning’s tenure at Wake Forest. Go Deacs!