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Thoughts In Brief: Louisville

A game too awesome to choose only three ups, I’m breaking the rules and doing a positive TIB for a change to discuss Wake Forest’s gigantic 88-81 victory over #8 Louisville. Let’s do this.

NCAA Basketball: Louisville at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports
  • John Collins is a legend in his own time. 25 points (7-12 shooting, 11-12 from the line) and 11 boards to go with 2 blocks and a steal. Just insanity.
  • This was a team effort, though. I can think of 6 or 7 guys who had game-changing plays if not more. John Collins, Keyshawn Woods, Konstantinos Mitoglou, Mitchell Wilbekin, and Bryant Crawford all scored double figures, and Brandon Childress had a much more impactful performance than his 3 points would suggest. God I love this team.
  • We shut Donovan Mitchell down. The Louisville standout had 7 points in the first 3:11...and never scored again.
  • Not only that, Louisville went from 57.1% shooting, 37.5% from deep in the first half to 39.4% and 20% in the second. Yes, Louisville missed good looks but there was pretty amazing defense.
  • This was the best two-way game of Dinos’s career. I seriously think I’d name Dinos our second most valuable player after JC for this victory.
  • I was glad to be a big part of the “ONE MORE YEAR!” chants, and I doubt they’ll make a difference, but you never know, right?
  • I love Danny Manning. Jussayin’.
  • That three by Mitch to put us up 9 late is the most vehemently I’ve reacted to anything in the Joel in years. What a freaking shot.
  • Similarly, Bryant Crawford’s stepback three was Childress-esque. Bryant Crawford has no regard for defenders or their dignity.
  • Louisville is not typically a great FT shooting team in conference, but they nailed 18-22, for 81.8%.
  • We didn’t have a great night from the stripe, going 26-36, or 72.2%. It worked out, but in a closer game that might’ve been a problem.
  • We got a little foul-happy in the second half. That was unfortunate.
  • Thank you to Keyshawn Woods for getting us started out the gate. Well, and everything else.
  • If John Collins stays, we will be INSANE next season. Just insane.
  • Watching Rick Pitino sweat like he was getting a call from the NCAA was pretty much glorious.
  • The fact that we’re a few breaks away from probably being a top 4 or 5 ACC team is insane. Credit to the team and the coaches for this amazing season.

Let’s TAKE the game from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. We’ve tasted victory. Let’s keep drinking from that grail.

On to the next. Go Deacs.