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Thank You Seniors

We at BSD are proud to call you Demon Deacons!

NCAA Basketball: Wake Forest at Virginia Tech Michael Shroyer-USA TODAY Sports

We at Blogger So Dear want to thank seniors Austin Arians, Greg McClinton, and Trent VanHorn for their time and energy spent at Mother So Dear.

To Austin - Thank you for having enough trust in Coach Manning and the rest of the team to come spend your final year of eligibility at Wake Forest. Your leadership, shooting, and composure on the court was a big reason that the Deacs were able to get into the NCAA Tournament this season. You had faith that this team could get you there for a second time, and it paid off.

To Greg - Thank you for committing to the Wake Forest basketball program during its darkest days and sticking it out through a coaching change. It hasn’t been an easy time, and may not have worked out exactly like it was planned, but we’ll never forget that shot against Virginia Tech. It is because of your commitment to the team that people bought in and wound up coming here.

To Trent - What a ride it has been for you. Coming in as a walk-on you never really expect to play a ton, much less get a scholarship, despite working as hard as everybody else on the team does. You averaged 12 minutes a game as a junior at an ACC school. That is a hell of an accomplishment, and a testimony to your hard work on and off the court.

While last night didn’t end like any of you three wanted, the fans at Wake cannot thank you enough for sticking with the program and being an integral part of turning this program around. It demonstrates unbelievable character and trust to have faith in this program, even when it seemed like the NCAA Tournament was so far away.

You all made the program a better place, and although it was brief, got that One Shining Moment that a lot of kids can only dream of.

We wish you the best in your future endeavors, and can speak from experience that graduating from Wake Forest is one of the best things that you will accomplish in your life. Congratulations, and thank you so much for what you gave to this program.