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Wake Forest NCAA Tournament Hopes: Staff Predictions

The staff offers several predictions about Wake Forest’s potential NCAA Tournament appearance.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament-Wake Forest vs Boston College Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The staff was asked several questions:

  • Will Wake Forest make the NCAA Tournament?
  • If so, will Wake Forest be playing in Dayton?
  • Take a guess as to who Wake Forest will play in its opening game.

Adam: I think the Deacs make the tournament but I think we will unfortunately end up in Dayton playing USC or Kansas State. It would be a horrible draw for a team that likely deserves better, but that's the committee for you.

Bart: Wake Forest will be a participant in the 2017 NCAA Tournament. There are not very many bubble teams and I'm not even convinced Wake is actually on the bubble. I'm thinking similarly to Rob that we could be an 8 or a 9 but I think we get a 10 seed against a team like Maryland and then hope for the PAC 10 2 seed. I maintain the PAC 10 is weak and that's who I want in the round of 32 if we make it that far. Any spot in the field I will be excited about but I would like to avoid Dayton. Get your dancing shoes ready baby!

Jake: It all comes down to whether the committee places more emphasis on any of the statistical metrics, where Wake is unanimously top 40, or top wins. While I believe it's pretty much a coin flip on avoiding Dayton, I'll officially predict that the Deacs are forced to make an early week trip to Ohio to take on USC. If we do get pushed to Dayton, pray that Kansas St is not the team the Deacs are paired up with.

Riley: I believe Wake will make the NCAA Tournament and will avoid Dayton. While I actually think the writing is on the wall for a possible 8-9 seed, I'll guess Wake grabs a non-Dayton 11 seed, and gets matched up with Minnesota out west.

Rob: I didn't get an A in Bracketology 101, but I'll take my best stab at predicting Wake Forest's NCAA Tournament seed. I truly wouldn't be shocked if Wake got a seed as favorable as an 8 or 9. Our metrics suggest that we're around the 30th best team in the country, so that would make sense. That said, I believe that Wake will be penalized for losing as many games as they did against top 25 opponents, which is ridiculous, but probably a reality. There's not a doubt in my mind that we deserve to avoid Dayton, but something tells me we will be in the play in game. I'll guess that we play a team like USC, and I'd like take every day of the week if the Deacs have to be in Dayton.