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Why you should hate Louisville

Seriously. You should hate them and probably never pull for them.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

This was going to be a joking article, but after I tabulated all the reasons you should hate Louisville I came to the conclusion that you really probably should hate Louisville. Here are five simple reasons why:

  1. Wakeyleaks - I mean Louisville only beat us in football this year because they had to cheat to do so. LOUISVILLE HAD TO CHEAT TO BEAT WAKE FOREST IN FOOTBALL. Think about that.
  2. Rick Pitino is awful- The guy cheats at everything in his life both professional and personal, and has the unique ability to frequently beat the new 30 second shot clock to completion without breaking a sweat. I hate UNC as much as the next guy, but Pitino recently made headlines for kicking a fan out for merely saying “you suck Pitino.” That’s it. Fascinating stuff.
  3. Bobby Petrino - Not to be confused with similarly sounding“Rick Pitino”, Petrino may actually be the worse of the two. Don’t believe me? Here is a “Bobby Petrino Controversy Timeline” article where he is basically shown to be the worst. He broke up with the Falcons by way of a letter left in the locker room midway through the season.
  4. Academics- They scored a 33/100 according to the US News and World Rankings of top academic schools in the nation, which is slightly higher than the average test score for their athletics program. Sitting at 171st nationally, they are the worst ranked ACC school academically by 79 spots. Hey, their academic peers of Edgewood College and the Florida Institute of Technology probably crush it at sports too.* While tonight’s game may be in the sports arena, it’s important to remember other things do matter.
  5. Fan Base - In a conference full of bandwagon fans the Louisville fanbase may take the cake. The experience with the Louisville fans at the 2006 Orange Bowl was notably the worst for at least some of our staff members, and it included multiple accounts of threats, cursing, and overall disrespectfulness**. I mean a group of Louisville fans cussed out my mom in the stadium before the game even started. Literally. That happened. It was wild.

Long story short, Wake needs to win tonight, and hopefully if you read this article it will make you show up at the game with anger in your hearts. That should help the noise level and assist in getting the Demon Deacons a win.

* Editor’s Note: We checked and it appears that these two schools actually do NOT crush it at sports. We apologize for the error. That is all.

** For any Louisville fans wondering, this is a real word.