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Wake Forest vs. Notre Dame: BSD Staff Predictions

Who does the staff like in tonight’s game?

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at North Carolina Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: Notre Dame wins 85-72

Collins should have a big game but I don't think the Deacs will be able to defend the drive and kick from the Irish. Dribble penetration will get the Irish plenty of open looks from downtown and the 3 ball will kill Wake all night long.

Chris: Notre Dame wins 84-78

In addition to Tuesday being our toughest day academically, this is another road game against tough competition. Notre Dame is a bad matchup for us as their strength is in the frontcourt. Wake doesn't really have anyone to cover the 1-2 punch of Vasturia and Colson, and foul problems for Collins would spell trouble.

Grumpy: Notre Dame wins 81-71

I want to believe, but even though Wake has picked up a couple of road wins in the past weeks (NC State and BC), it's a different story to travel to South Bend and win there. Add to that the ND has lost four straight. An optimist would say that means they're reeling, but I'm afraid that means they'll be 100% honed in on using this game to end the tailspin.

Ned: Wake Forest wins 82-78

Am I irrational for thinking Wake is about to turn the corner? Probably. Am I embarrassed by it? Absolutely not. Short rest and a 4 game ND losing streak means the Deacs are flying to South Bend at the perfect time to pull off the upset. Wake has been competitive through 30 minutes of each ACC road game it's played in. Time to put together a full 40 minute performance and earn a signature win. If ND goes cold on tired legs in the 2nd half, this could be that game.

Riley: Notre Dame wins 88-77

From a matchup standpoint I think this is a pretty bad one. Collins and Colson should be a fun matchup inside, but we don't have anybody who can effectively guard their 2-4 of Pflueger, Vasturia, and Beachem. For Wake to have any chance they will need to be hot from outside. I see this one playing out as a mini-Nova type game where both teams are on, but eventually Notre Dame pulls away.

Rob: Notre Dame wins 84-76

Riley did a nice job of covering my thoughts. I believe that Collins will continue to be a terror on the interior, but ultimately Notre Dame has too many advantages from 2-4. The spread pick-and-roll is a major weakness for Wake and I see Notre Dame creating a lot of open looks. Hopefully Notre Dame is exhausted from playing against Carolina on Sunday and the Deacs hang in this one until the end.

How do you all see this one playing out?