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Texts Indicate That Tommy Elrod Met With Louisville Before Wake Forest Game

More on #WakeyLeaks.

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The Wakey Leaks story added another chapter this afternoon. CBS Sports is reporting that Tom Elrod met with Louisville assistant coach Lonnie Galloway the night before the Wake Forest vs. Louisville football game this past fall.

CBS Sports obtained the information from Louisville via an open-records request. Louisville provided a summary of texts between Galloway and Elrod from the evening of November 11, 2016.

Galloway initiated the communication that night at 7:19 p.m., but Louisville only provided the location of the text.

The remainder of the conversation was as follows:

  • Elrod (8:37) “On way now.”
  • Galloway (8:48) “OK. Sitting by fire pit.”
  • Elrod (8:59) “Outside?”

CBS Sports also learned that Galloway initiated a 25-minute phone call with Elrod on November 9th, and that the phone call was by far the longest that Galloway had with anyone that week.

There’s no knowledge of exactly what occurred during their conversation on the phone or in person, but we do know that a member of Wake Forest’s traveling party found game plan documents left behind at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium the day before the game. Wake Forest’s investigation found that the game plan information that Elrod provided Virginia Tech (once), Army (twice), and Louisville (once) were proprietary in nature and plays that had not been run before, or variations of previously run plays. Wake Forest chose not to run any of the new plays, as they felt that their game plan had been compromised.

Galloway was suspended for Louisville’s bowl game. Louisville declined comment to CBS Sports and their efforts to reach Elrod were unsuccessful. There’s no telling if Louisville will have any additional punishment for Galloway.