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BSD ACC Power Rankings (2.3.17)

Slightly later this week, but still the same good ole Power Rankings

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina State at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Due to National Signing Day we pushed everything back slightly this week, so Power Rankings came out on a Friday instead of a Monday or Tuesday. Next week we will get back on track, so there may not be a huge difference between today and the next set since there will have been only one game played.

There was a fair amount of shakeup in this week’s rankings, so let’s get right down to it.


  1. North Carolina (3, LW-1)
  2. Louisville (3, LW-5)
  3. Virginia (1, LW-4)
  4. Florida State (LW-2)
  5. Notre Dame (LW-3)
  6. Duke (LW-6)
  7. Georgia Tech (LW-11)
  8. Syracuse (LW-9)
  9. Miami (LW-10)
  10. Virginia Tech (LW-7)
  11. Wake Forest (LW-7)
  12. N.C. State (LW-14)
  13. Clemson (LW-12)
  14. Boston College (LW-15)
  15. Pittsburgh (LW-13)


  • Two teams stayed in the same place they were in last week (UNC at No.1, and Duke at No. 6).
  • Three people had Louisville ranked No. 1 after their explosive week and a half.
  • Pittsburgh snuck into the cellar past BC after yet another two loss week. As we know, BC almost won at home against Wake Forest, but wound up losing it over the final few minutes.
  • Georgia Tech actually tied Duke at 6th, but for formatting purposes I left Duke in 6th. That was somewhat strange, as Duke and GT have met once this year and Duke won by 53 points. Small sample size I guess.
  • Wake dropped from 7th to 11th after going 1-2 in the last week and a half, despite hanging tough with all three teams.
  • There is a pretty good spread of people who use statistics, people who use the eye test, and people who effectively re-rank each week. That provides a really interesting Power Rankings each week.

As always. the CHART OF ACCOUNTABILITY is below:

Rank Riley Chris Cam Bart Rob Adam Grumpy Consensus
1 Louisville Louisville UNC UVA Louisville UNC UNC UNC
2 UNC UNC UVA Louisville Virginia UVA UVA Louisville
3 UVA UVA Lousiville UNC UNC Louisville Louisville UVA
4 Notre Dame Notre Dame FSU Duke Florida State FSU FSU Florida State
5 Florida State FSU ND Florida State Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame
6 Duke Georgia Tech GT Notre Dame Duke GT Duke Duke
7 Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Virginia Tech Georgia Tech Syracuse Georgia Tech Georgia Tech
8 Georgia Tech Duke Wake Georgia Tech Syracuse Miami Syracuse Syracuse
9 Wake Forest Miami Dook Syracuse Miami Duke Miami Miami
10 Virginia Tech Wake Forest Miami Miami Virginia Tech VT Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
11 Miami Virginia Tech VT Wake Forest Wake Forest NC State Wake Forest Wake
12 Clemson Boston College NC State Clemson NC State Wake Forest NC State N.C. State
13 N.C. State NC State Clemson N.C. State Boston College BC Clemson Clemson
14 Pittsburgh Clemson BC Pittsburgh Clemson Clemson Pitt Boston College
15 Boston College Pittsburgh Pitt Boston College Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Boston College Pittsburgh