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Roll The Quadcast: The Rebirth

It is back.

With Wake Forest completing a successful football season, and perhaps on the cusp of the first NCAA Tournament since BNR (Before Name Redacted, better known as He Who Shall Not Be Named, better known as Jeff Bzdelik), we at Blogger So Dear decided that we pretty much had to get back into the podcasting game.

Tonight we did that with Bart and Riley Johnston both taking part in the first podcast in over a year and a half. They jumped right into everything from the Pitt-Wake game last night, Bracketology, and a thorough discussion of who is on the bubble and why.

It’s a 30 minute podcast to get back into things, and if the hits and comments are good enough then we might just air a live show soon so we can take some calls.

Appreciate the comments and views in recent weeks, and here’s our token of appreciation for that.

Editor’s Note: There is a brief commercial at the start of this. I didn’t put it there so I apologize. Commercialization has run rampant in America.