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Wake Forest vs. Duke: Staff Predictions

Who does the staff like in today’s game?

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: Duke wins 93-79

Duke is on the up and up lately and the Deacs are usually pretty bad in Durham. This one gets away from the Deacs in the second half.

Grumpy: Wake Forest wins 89-70

Our team is running like a fine-tuned machine, and we're going to win, and we're going to win big league, we're going to win so much you guys will be sick of winning, it'll be I guess the biggest margin since Carl Tacy, and by the way any box score showing that we aren't winning is fake news because, as you know, the sports media are very dishonest people and they've treated us very very unfairly.

Editor’s Note: Grumpy isn’t WRONG.

Riley: Duke wins 85-73

This is not the best time for Wake to go into Cameron (when is a good time really?). The Deacs need a win and Duke is clicking. The Devils don't have anybody that can stop John Collins, but Wake has nobody who can guard pretty much anybody on their team. We hang tough for about 30 minutes before Duke starts hitting their threes. Collins will likely be saddled with foul trouble early as Coach K works the refs to make horrific calls in their favor.

Rob: Duke wins 90-72

Wake Forest should be fairly effective on the offensive end, but I worry that Jayson Tatum and Luke Kennard will be matchup nightmares for the Demon Deacons. I can’t say enough about what a win would mean for Wake’s tournament chances. NC State beating Duke in Cameron and Clemson coming damn close has to give Wake confidence, but this is quite the task.

What do you all think will happen?