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BSD ACC Power Rankings (2/14/17)

Who is number one in the Valentine’s Day edition of BSD’s power rankings?

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Duke Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

The ACC season is in full force and the staff is back at it with another edition of the BSD ACC Power Rankings. Take a look and then tell us your thoughts.

Rank Chris Bart Rob Adam Grumpy Consensus
1 UNC UVA North Carolina UNC Louisville North Carolina
2 Louisville Louisville UVA UVA UVA Virginia
3 UVA UNC Duke Louisville UNC Louisville
4 Notre Dame Duke Louisville Duke Duke Duke
5 Duke FSU Notre Dame ND FSU Notre Dame
6 FSU Notre Dame Florida State FSU Notre Dame Florida State
7 Virginia Tech Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse Syracuse
8 Syracuse Wake Forest Miami VT Wake Virginia Tech
9 Wake Forest Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Wake Forest VT Wake Forest
10 Miami Miami Wake Forest Miami Miami Miami
11 Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Georgia Tech GT Clemson Georgia Tech
12 Clemson Clemson Clemson Clemson GT Clemson
13 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pittsburgh Pitt Pitt Pittsburgh
14 Boston College NC State NC State BC BC Boston College
15 NC State Boston College Boston College NC State NC State N.C. State

Some observations:

  • Three writers have UNC as the top team in the ACC still despite a set back on the road against Duke. Both Virginia and Louisville received one first place vote.
  • Every writer except Rob has UNC, Virginia, and Louisville in their top three in some order. Rob included Duke in third at the expense of Louisville.
  • Following their loss at Notre Dame, Florida State dropped behind both the Irish and a surging Duke squad.
  • There are a few teams ranked in the same spot by almost everyone, including Syracuse in the 7th position and Miami in 10th towards the middle of the pack.
  • Similarly at the bottom of the conference, it seems that things have settled down somewhat. While BC and State are engaged in a bloodthirty battle of sorts for the worst team in the conference (and BC giving up the spot to a State team who has folded like a box down the stretch), all the writers have Clemson, Georgia Tech, and Pittsburgh included in the bottom five.
  • It appears that there are three tiers dividing the conference into the top six, the middle four, and the bottom five. The top group consists of UNC, UVA, Louisville, ND, FSU, and Duke. The middle features Virginia Tech, Syracuse, Wake, and Miami. The bottom five are the aforementioned Clemson, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, BC, and State.
  • Wake sits in 9th behind Virginia Tech and Syracuse who both recorded wins over Virginia over the last couple weeks. Syracuse took a loss last night at home to Louisville but they were quite competitive and it’s evident that there isn’t an easy game against teams in the top 12 or even 13 teams in the ACC. The real weak links this year are BC and State.

What do you all think of our rankings? Who do you all think is most deserving of being in the number one spot?