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Three Up, Three Down: Army

Well that was awesome. An absolute offensive explosion propelled Wake Forest past a game Army squad on Friday night, and while our defense was suspect, if you can run one of the fastest teams in the nation out of the gym, you’re doing something right.

NCAA Basketball: Army at Wake Forest Brian Westerholt-USA TODAY Sports

The Ups

Six Minutes Of Devastation. At 10:42 of the second half, Army cut the lead to 70-65. Over the next 6 minutes and change, Wake Forest was all but unstoppable, ballooning the lead to 99-72 at 4:48. The best part was that it wasn’t all Doral Moore. Brandon Childress, Mitchell Wilbekin, and Keyshawn Woods ripped the nets down, and Terrence Thompson converted one heck of an and-one over the stretch, made even better by the fact that Thompson started the play by coming up with a steal. It really was akin to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, at least in the way that the game seemed competitive and then all of a sudden, you look up and it’s a laugher.

Beautiful Execution On Offense. 21 assists on 40 made baskets is just gorgeous, but it’s made even better when you look at the spread of the scoring. Doral Moore and Keyshawn Woods led the way with 20 and 22 respectively, but Bryant Crawford chipped in 11 on 4-9, Mitchell Wilbekin and Brandon Childress both added 17, but he did so on an insane 7-10 shooting, 3-5 from deep. Terrence Thompson also was in double digits with 12 point. Crawford and Childress also had 9 and 8 dimes respectively. Doral Moore continued his dominance, yes, but this was an absolutely unstoppable balanced outing. Army just didn’t stand a chance on this particular night.

Second Half Defense. Army’s 3 point percentage absolutely cratered, going from a staggering 55.6% first half down to just 25% in the second. You can say they just got tired legs, but it could just as easily be argued that a team that plays Army’s pace and style is going to get theirs, you just need to defend when it counts, which the Deacs did.

The Downs

First Half Three Point Defense. That said, good gravy. 10-18 from deep in a half? YIKES.

Bryant’s Technical. Come on man, you’re better than that. Between that and a missed dunk, Bryant took what could have been a superlative night and downgraded it to “only” very, very good in my eyes.

The WatchESPN App On Kindle Fire. So I literally can’t rewatch the game from bed because WatchESPN is a piece of absolute trash. I go to replay the event, it immediately skips to the end. I seek to the beginning, it plays flawlessly for a third of a second, and it forces me to the end again. Eat me,, ESPN/

The Bottom Line

I still hate the way the season started, but it’s getting increaasingly difficult to be cranky about it in light of the absolute tear we’ve been on. Please get well, Chaundee Brown. Let’s keep this train rolling.

On to the next. Go Deacs.