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Wake Forest Basketball: Lineup Trends

Which lineups are doing the best for the Deacs?

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Before the Deacs take on the Charlotte 49ers tonight, I just wanted to let you guys know that I have attempted to compile some lineup net +/- totals for the season and individual games. I went ahead and put the data up online for your convenience; You can view it here. (Quick note: you can sort by ascending or descending order by clicking the ‘+/-’ column header.

Seeing that I got about half of the data from online (without doing much verification to determine its accuracy... you’ll see a couple 6 man lineups due to “incomplete data”) and did the other half myself, there is a very good chance that it contains plenty of small inaccuracies. Hopefully the overall trends are good enough to give us an idea of which lineups are doing well and which lineups don’t really work.

Based on what I have, it looks like the 2 starting lineups we’ve used throughout the season — Crawford, Brown, Wilbekin/Woods, Moore, Thompson — are undeniable the most productive lineups we have put on the floor this season.

On the flip side, it looks like the 4 guard lineup of Childress, Crawford, Woods, Wilbekin, and Moore has been the least effective lineup for the Deacs thus far (which didn’t really surprise me). What was a little surprising is that it looks like when we replace one of the above guards for Chaundee Brown, the lineup moves back up into the positive +/- range and is one of our better lineups.

The way I set this up, it’s very easy to add and edit data, so I hope to keep it updated throughout the year. How quickly it is update will depended on whether or not I can find the data online or if I have to do it myself. Hopefully when conference play starts it will be a lot easier to find accurate information online. Also, if I have something that looks way off to you, please do let me know, because like I said, this can be edited very quickly.

Anyways, take a look at the site and feel free to share any lineup related thoughts or hot takes down below in the comments.