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Recap in Haiku: Tennessee Blasts Wake Forest, 79-60

Woof. Can I regift this game, please?

NCAA Basketball: Tennessee at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

That was really bad

Nobody was on it, man

But hey, no one’s hurt!

That was probably the worst game of the year. Bryant Crawford was 1-6, 1-2 from the line, and an utterly putrid 7 turnovers. There were plenty to go around, though, as the team had 20 turnovers. Doral Moore couldn’t get going, going 2-5. Tennessee shot nearly 60% in the second half, and an even 50% from deep on 10 attempts. In the first half, when the Deacs went up by as many as 6, there were flashes of what could and should be with this team, but between terrible turnovers and a complete inability to play without fouling on either end, the writing was on the wall in every way.

I genuinely don’t think we’ll play that badly as a team the rest of the year. Don’t get me wrong, we may lose that badly to UNC or Duke or anyone really, but I don’t see it being an outing that is as utterly putrid in any way. Other than Mitchell Wilbekin, literally everyone had their worst two way effort of the year (yes, worse than the start) and I don’t see that happening again in the same way, because usually we can at least score.

On to the next (please God). Happy Holidays everybody. Love you all.