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Wake Forest vs Notre Dame Simulation

What can we expect on Saturday?

Louisville v Wake Forest Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

It turns out the computers can be defeated, so take that Skynet. The Simulation’s undefeated record has finally come crashing down after the Deacs took Louisville to task last weekend. Even though it is no longer perfect, 5-1 is still pretty good, so I think it can still be a pretty useful tool to predict that outcome of the game. Let’s run it and see what happens. As always, we simulated 10 games of NCAA Football 14 with updated rosters. For this particular round I have removed Greg Dortch, Cade Carney, and Jessie Bates III from the lineup due to injury.

As you can see, The Simulation™ like the Irish in this one by an average score of 28.5 to 15.8. That 12.7 point margin is very close, but slightly lower than the spread of Notre Dame -13.5. The Simulation™ also has the Deacs winning just 1 out of the 10 games, which is once again very close to the ESPN Matchup Predictor, which gives Wake a 9% chance to win this one. Hopefully we get a game like #5 this weekend, instead of one like #1 or #8.