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Recap in Haiku; Duke Clowns Wake Forest, 31-23

NCAA Football: Duke at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Absolute junk, man

Enjoy Shreveport, Blue Deviis

You wanted it more

The first half was largely really good. Our defense balled out and the offense did a good job capitalizing on the short field to at one point be up 17-3. What followed was an exhibition in one team deciding “Meh, we don’t need this game” and the other sideline doing everything in their power to get it. Offensive playcalling was baffling. John Wolford looked rattled. Guys got banged up. We weren’t aggressive when we should have been. The coaches played not to lose.

Look, I’m THRILLED at 7-5. If you’d told me to start the year we’d end up there I’d take it no questions asked. None. I still think Dave Clawson should have a job..maybe not for life yet, but pretty gosh darn close considering what he’s done and how we’ve built (and continue to in demonstrable fashion). But this was a disappointing outing for sure.

Get healed up, guys, and then go win a dang bowl game. On to the next. Go Deacs.