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Playbook: Wake Forest vs Quinnipiac

A quick look at how the Deacs used screens to their advantage in their first win of the season

Tulsa v UCLA Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Since we have a long break between now and our next basketball game on Friday, I figured we could take a look back at the Deacs’ first win of the season and see what went right. Wake Forest shot 8-14 from beyond the arc in the first half, fueling them to a 44-22 lead at the break. The Deacs never looked back and coasted to a 72-55 win.

Wake was able to shoot so well from downtown in the first half by taking advantage of Quinnipiac’s screen defense. The Bobcats went under almost every screen, which gave our shooters plenty of space to step up and knock down easy triples.

On our first possession, Doral Moore screens Rich Kelly (15), who goes way under the screen and ends up at the free throw line. Chase Daniels (13) doesn’t step out at all, giving Wilbekin a ton of space to knock down a deep three. Kelly is so far away from Wilbekin that this is basically a warm up shot.

Here, the Bobcats go to a matchup zone, but play the screen the same way. Eggleston sets the screen on Cameron Young (1), who goes underneath it. Isaiah Washington (12) doesn’t step out on Childress, so he confidently steps right into a 3 (like his father before him). The Deacs end up with another great look from beyond the arc by simply setting 1 screen.

This time we get a double screen from Sarr and Mitchell for Crawford. Again, Andrew Robinson (14) and Cameron Young both step back, giving Crawford plenty of room to get into his shot and knock down the 3-pointer.

Obviously, part of the Bobcats’ game plan was to go under the screens to cut off the drive and force Wake Forest to make outside shots. The Deacs were able to do that with ease, and they were able to pick up their first win of the year.

BONUS GIF - Here’s a bonus Olivier Sarr volleyball spike for those of you who missed the game.