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Wake Forest vs NC State Simulation

What can we expect on Saturday?

Wake Forest v Syracuse Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

It looked like The Simulation™ was well on its way to a 7-1 record last weekend, but then our Deacs decided to go on a 40-5 run to hand it its 2nd loss of the season. 6-2 is still pretty good for an outdated piece of technology, so let’s run it and see what we get. You guys know the drill — 10 simulated games of NCAA Football 14 on Xbox 360 with updated rosters. I have returned Jessie Bates III to the starting lineup in the name of optimism.

Looks like The Simulation™ is taking the Pack by about 3 points despite the fact that the Deacs are favored by 2. It also has Wake Forest winning just 3 of the 10 games, which is lower than the 44% chance the ESPN Matchup Predictor gives the Deacs.

The Simulation is getting very risky picking against the Deacs twice in row, especially after getting it wrong the last time around.