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Wake Forest vs Syracuse Simulation

What can we expect on Saturday?

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Notre Dame Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

The Simulation™ is back to its winning ways, starting a new streak after correctly predicting Notre Dame to come out on top last weekend. I’m pretty sure you guys know how this goes by now, so let’s just jump right in. Once again, Cade Carney and Jessie Bates III have been removed from our lineup due to injury.

It looks like The Simulation™ likes the Orange in this one by about 2 points, which I think is 1 point higher than the line of Cuse -1 (The line keeps moving so much I honestly can’t keep up with it). It also gives the Orange the win in 6 of the 10 games, a slightly higher percent than the ESPN Matchup Predictor, which has Cuse with a 52% to be victorious in this one. This appears to be a very even matchup, so hopefully the Deacs can stop The Simulation’s current win streak at 1 game.