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Post-Dortch—-Where Does Wake Forest Go Now?

With the star receiver out, it’s time to move on. Here is what to expect

Wake Forest v Georgia Tech Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

First off, I want to extend my best wishes to Greg Dortch. He has been nothing short of electric and one of the best wide receivers in the nation, point blank. However with every injury, you have to go next man, or men, up. Let’s take a look at the next options for the Deacs now:

Tabari Hines

This year, the Junior wideout has accumulated 18 catches for 250 yards playing behind Dortch in the slot. While he has 70 catches the past two years combined, he has shown breakout speed and should definitely see his target share significantly as the Deacs just couldn’t find a way to incorporate Dortch, Hines and Washington in the offense at the same time.

Last year Hines led Wake Forest in targets, receptions, yards all out of the slot and caught a very impressive 65.5% of the passes that he was targeted on(if you remember the accuracy and pressures brought about by the offensive line it actually is quite impressive. Point blank he is the new guy in the slot and will be asked to produce.

Scotty Washington

Six. Foot. Five. We’ve seen Wolford target Washington for a majority of the season with the most success coming in the game against Louisville. At that size, his ability to separate himself from his defender makes him a very dangerous target. If Wolford keeps showing the accuracy to put the ball where only Washington can get it, look for the big man to get a few more targets his way and be the guy to look at near the endzone.

Cam Serigne

Not only does this man have the best first name in history, he’s finally healthy and ready to play to the level we saw in 2015. Good speed for his size, FANTASTIC HANDS, and has a knack for just being open(especially in the middle of the field, may I remind you of the Military Bowl and the first game of the season?). Sure hands are going to be needed, especially in the tough games ahead if the Deacs want to have a fighting chance of winning and keeping their defense fresh by getting first downs/scoring and I think the big bad TE can help fill this gap.

This is not a one man job. This will actually be the hardest test of the Wake Forest season, seeing how they bounce back from losing a playmaker, lets see how it plays out.

Who do you think needs to/will step up the rest of the season?