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Roll The Quadcast: Louisville Recap, Greg Dortch Injury, Notre Dame Preview, Wake Forest Basketball

Action packed episode of Roll The Quadcast

The Wake Forest football program earned one its biggest wins in years on Saturday afternoon when the Deacs took down the Louisville Cardinals, 42-32. That performance, along with the unfortunate season-ending injury that Greg Dortch suffered, gave Rob and Riley plenty to discuss in the latest episode of Roll The Quadcast.

  • Disclaimer - The podcast got off to a bit of a difficult start because we were having problems getting Riley’s mic to work, and Rob was trying to do a one-man show while also doing some multi-tasking with the dashboard. Riley joins at the 5 minute mark. That said, the microphones sound much more clear now than just a few weeks ago. Let me upgrade ya.

The guys went in-depth on Saturday’s game, what expectations are for the rest of the season, what they believe will happen against Notre Dame, and finally share their thoughts on the Wake Forest basketball team’s upcoming exhibition game.

Thanks as always for listening. If you have any comments on this week’s episode, or anything Wake Forest related, please share your thoughts in the comments below. Go Deacs!