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Wake Forest RS-Fr Greg Dortch wins ACC Rookie of the Week and ACC Wide Receiver of the Week

The redshirt freshman wide receiver had himself on heck of a day on Saturday.

Louisville v Wake Forest Photo by Mike Comer/Getty Images

It may have been his last game of the year, but Greg Dortch certainly had a hell of game against Louisville on Saturday with 10 catches on 10 targets for 167 yards and 4 touchdowns. Wake Forest dominated Louisville 42-32, in no small part to Dortch and his record setting touchdown day.

He was also a combined 1.5 yards from having 6 touchdowns, as he landed on the 1 yard line on the first drive, before fumbling out of the end zone just inches before a touchdown later in the half.

He was rewarded heavily for his work in ACC honors this week, taking home both the ACC Rookie of the Week and ACC Wide Receiver of the Week award.

Unfortunately the game came at a huge cost for Dortch and Wake Forest, as he will miss the rest of the year with and abdominal injury that required surgery on Saturday night.

Dortch was absolutely electric the entire game, and it appears that he was dominant even after the injury (assuming it was sustained when he landed on the pylon awkwardly in the first half). He not only stayed in the game, but continued to abuse the Louisville defense, out-running the entire defense on a screen play for a touchdown, and also scoring on an easy slant play where he just ran by the cornerback.

Congratulations to Greg on his play this week and the entire year, and we at Blogger So Dear wish you a quick and speedy recovery to get back in time for more of this next year and beyond.