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Wake Forest vs. Virginia: Blogger So Dear Staff Predictions

Is Wake Forest going to beat Virginia this evening?

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at Pittsburgh Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: Virginia wins 64-52

The Deacs are not great away from the Joel and UVA has lost 2 in a row. Wake struggles to score against the Virginia defense, and ultimately turns the ball over too many times to win this one.

Bart: Virginia wins 70-68

UVA continues to look a bit rough around the edges and Wake keeps it competitive by pounding it inside to Collins. A late shot dooms the Deacs for the second time in two games against the Hoos as the upset bid falls short.

Cam: Wake Forest wins 78-74

Danny has been telling them that turnovers can't happen, they continually feed Collins and don't get away from it. Crawford, Woods, and Wilbekin will not combine to shoot 6-27 as they did in the Boston College game. This feels like a game Woods and BC want to and will perform well in and Wake pulls out a NCAA tourney resume builder.

Grumpy: Virginia wins 74-62

The turnovers continue and the three doesn't fall. I'm feeling pessimistic...prove me wrong, Deacs! This would be a great win.

Jake: Virginia wins 63-51

Wake isn’t disciplined or patient enough offensively to beat Virginia’s pack line defense. The Hoos stretch it out early in the 2nd half and cruise to a 63-51 victory.

Rob: Virginia wins 68-60

Wake does its usual routine of being competitive on the road until the end. Collins will have a solid game on the interior and Wake will knock down shots from deep, but Kyle Guy will make a dagger three down the stretch to seal it.