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BSD: ACC Power Rankings (1.23.17)

Monday means it’s time for another rendition of the Blogger So Dear ACC Power Rankings

NCAA Basketball: North Carolina at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

This is the third week that we have done this, and Wake Forest jumps up the charts from week two to week three. Correlation or causation? You decide.


1.North Carolina (8)

2. Florida State

3. Notre Dame

4. Virginia

5. Louisville

6. Duke

T-7. Wake Forest

T-7. Virginia Tech

9. Syracuse

10. Miami

11. Georgia Tech

12. Clemson

13. Pittsburgh

14. N.C. State

15. Boston College


  • North Carolina and Florida State hold on to the number one and number two spots unanimously for the second straight week.
  • Virginia went 2-0 this week, while Notre Dame went 1-1, but apparently all of our voters though that ND demonstrated something in a close at Florida State or by beating Syracuse by 18. Either that or we have horrendous short-term memories.
  • Louisville and Duke stayed the same at the fifth and sixth spots as well. Louisville actually battled Virginia pretty well for that fourth place spot. Maybe our voters don’t like Virginia very much?
  • From there we find Wake Forest and Virginia Tech at the 7th spot in an exact tie. Both teams had solid weeks, as Virginia Tech beat Georgia Tech, then traveled to Clemson and knocked off the Tigers. Wake beat Miami in Winston-Salem and beat N.C. State in Raleigh.
  • Our pollsters don’t know how to feel about our opponent tomorrow night, the Syracuse Orange. They ranged from 7th (Chris) to 13th (Grumpy). There was a lot of volatility in their voting.
  • Boston College remains in last place, but quite frankly it could go to N.C. State, who has already lost to Georgia Tech and Wake at home, and at Boston College. It’s going to be a long February for the Wolfpack if they don’t get it turned around soon.
  • Adam had Clemson last, and Rob did go State for last, so BC avoided last place unanimity.
Rank Riley Chris Cam Bart Rob Adam Ned Grumpy Consensus
3 Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame Notre Dame
4 Virginia Louisville Louisville Virginia Louisville Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia
5 Louisville Virginia UVA Louisville Virginia Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville
6 Duke Duke Wake Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke
7 Virginia Tech Syracuse Duke Virginia Tech Wake Forest VT Virginia Tech Wake Forest T-Virginia Tech
8 Wake Forest Virginia Tech Cuse Wake Forest Syracuse Cuse Wake Forest Virginia Tech T- Wake Forest
9 Syracuse Wake VT Miami Virginia Tech Wake Forest Miami Miami Cuse
10 Miami Miami Miami Georgia Tech Miami Miami Syracuse Georgia Tech Miami
11 Clemson Clemson GT Clemson Georgia Tech GT Pitt Clemson Georgia Tech
12 Georgia Tech Pitt Clemson Syracuse Clemson Boston College Georgia Tech NC State Clemson
13 Pittsburgh Georgia Tech Pitt Pittsburgh Pittsburgh NC State Clemson Syracuse Pittsburgh
14 N.C. State NC State Nc state N.C. State Boston College Pitt NC State Pitt N.C. State
15 Boston College Boston College Boston College Boston College NC State Clemson Boston College Boston College Boston College