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Wake Forest vs. Miami: BSD Staff Predictions

Is Wake going to win tonight and get back on track?

NCAA Basketball: Miami at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Adam: Wake Forest wins 75-66

This will be a close game towards the end with free throw shooting making it look like a bigger win than it was. John Collins gets back to playing at a monster level and turnovers help the Deacs get back on track.

Bart: Wake Forest wins 81-68

Miami is a good team but the Deacs are going to get hot offensively and bury someone in Winston. Here's to hoping it's tonight.

Cam: Wake Forest wins 84-70

Deacs sense it's a must win and the refs actually don't make phantom calls. Collins is on the court for a majority of the game and shows why he deserves to be talked about being one of the best big men in the ACC.

Chris: Miami wins 75-73

Miami has a solid team and a good coach, and they manage to shut down Collins and Crawford early, and steal a win late.

Ned: Wake Forest wins 81-78

In a must win for the Deacs' confidence, the team finally holds off a top opponent in conference play and gets back on its front foot. Having Moore and Childress coming off their best games of the year plays a huge part in the result.

Riley: Wake Forest wins 76-68

I think Moore and Collins hold their own against the front court of Miami and Crawford has another big game at the PG spot to propel the Deacs to a much needed victory.

Rob: Wake Forest wins 73-69 (nice)

The Deacs have had a week to prepare, and I believe the Deacs' offense will overpower a strong Miami defense. Miami turns the ball over a lot, and that means Bryant Crawford will pick pockets and go coast-to-coast. Wake holds on late and restores hope in Tie Dye Nation.

We’ve given our picks. Do you all think that Wake will take care of business tonight?