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BSD: ACC Power Rankings (1.18.17)

Week 2 of Blogger So Dear Power Rankings are hot off the proverbial press

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at North Carolina Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State had an enjoyable one week run at the top of the Blogger So Dear Power Rankings, but a loss at the hands of the North Carolina Tar Heels has dethroned them from that spot.


  1. North Carolina (8)
  2. Florida State
  3. Virginia
  4. Notre Dame
  5. Louisville
  6. Duke
  7. Miami
  8. Syracuse
  9. Virginia Tech
  10. Clemson
  11. Georgia Tech
  12. Pittsburgh
  13. Wake Forest
  14. N.C. State
  15. Boston College


  • UNC was a unanimous number one in this week’s Power Rankings, with Florida State a unanimous number two pick.
  • Georgia Tech’s surprising week propelled them from 14th to 11th place in the standings, leap-frogging N.C. State, Wake Forest, and Pittsburgh.
  • Notre Dame stayed at 4th in the league despite being the only undefeated team conference play left.
  • Duke had a pretty rough week and fell 3 spots as a result to number 6.
  • Our beloved Demon Deacons dropped two spots despite playing just one game, and losing to the No. 1 Tar Heels. That was probably more due to Georgia Tech than anything, but curious how Pitt jumped Wake with back to back losses and a 1-5 record.
  • We had 8 people this week so that changes things a bit. For full disclosure, the spreadsheet of votes is below.
Rank Riley Chris Cam Bart Rob Adam SF Ned Consensus
3 Notre Dame UVA UVA Notre Dame Virginia Notre Dame UVA Notre Dame UVA
4 UVA Louisville ND UVA Notre Dame UVA Louisville UVA Notre Dame
5 Louisville Notre Dame Lousiville Louisville Louisville Louisville ND Louisville Louisville
6 Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Duke Miami Duke
7 Miami Miami Miami Miami Syracuse Syracuse Miami Duke Miami
8 Cuse Georgia Tech Syracuse Clemson Miami Miami Cuse Clemson Syracuse
9 Clemson Clemson GT Virginia Tech Georgia Tech Virginia Tech VT Virginia Tech Virginia Tech
10 Virginia Tech Virginia Tech Pitt Georgia Tech Virginia Tech Pitt "Pitt Wake Forest Clemson
11 Georgia Tech Syracuse Wake Syracuse Pitt Georgia Tech Clemson Georgia Tech
12 Wake Forest Pitt Virginia Tech Wake Forest Clemson Clemson GT Pitt Pittsburgh
13 N.C. State Wake Forest Clemson Pitt Wake Forest Wake Forest Wake NC State Wake Forest
14 Pittsburgh NC State State N.C. State Boston College NC State NC State Georgia Tech N.C. State
15 Boston College Boston College Boston College Boston College NC State Boston College Boston College Boston College Boston College