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BSD ACC Power Rankings (1.10.17)

As ACC play begins, BSD releases the first Power Rankings of the year

NCAA Basketball: Virginia Tech at Florida State Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports

Almost all of the non-conference games are over and we are getting into the crux of conference play, so there is no better time to put out Blogger So Dear’s first Power Rankings than now.

We will try to update this weekly, but it is admittedly a bear of a task. We compiled five of the best and brightest writers that we have to offer and sought out their opinions as to who goes where.

The results are below, with a table of who picked what team where afterwards for accountability purposes.

Enjoy, and skewer us in the comment section if you disagree. First place votes in parentheses.


  1. Florida State (2)
  2. UNC (2)
  3. Duke (1)
  4. Notre Dame
  5. Virginia
  6. Louisville
  7. Clemson
  8. Miami
  9. Syracuse
  10. Virginia Tech
  11. Wake Forest
  12. Pittsburgh
  13. N.C. State
  14. Georgia Tech
  15. Boston College


  • The bottom three of N.C. State, Georgia Tech, and Boston College unanimous in 13-15.
  • Florida State and North Carolina both had first place votes, but the two third place votes put them slightly behind the Seminoles for the best in the conference.
  • Tonight’s matchup between Duke and Florida State in Tallahassee is a pretty big one.
  • Wake Forest is ranked higher than they probably would be on any other blog considering a 1-3 start, but these rankings look to be in line with KenPom, so take that for what it’s worth.
  • Syracuse had a very diverse range of rankings, varying from 11th to 6th place. Given their non-conference play, and how they started the ACC, this isn’t surprising. They have a matchup with No. 10 Virginia Tech in Blacksburg tonight.
Riley Chris Cam Bart Rob
2 Duke UNC FSU FSU Notre Dame
4 Notre Dame UVA Notre Dame Duke Duke
5 UVA Notre Dame UVA Notre Dame UVA
6 Louisville Miami Louisville Louisville Syracuse
7 Clemson Louisville Miami Clemson Louisville
8 Miami Clemson Clemson Miami Clemson
9 Virginia Tech Syracuse Virginia Tech Syracuse Pittsburgh
10 Syracuse Virginia Tech Wake Virginia Tech Miami
11 Wake Pitt Syracuse Wake Forest Wake Forest
12 Pitt Wake Pitt Pitt Virginia Tech
13 N.C. State N.C. State N.C. State N.C. State N.C. State
14 Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Georgia Tech
15 Boston College Boston College Boston College Boston College Boston College