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Wake Forest vs. Duke: Staff Predictions

Will Wake Forest start the season 2-0?

Duke v Wake Forest Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Jake: Duke wins 24-13

Wake has a few red zone opportunities but only converts one into a touchdown. Duke's running game wears down the Deacs and Jela Duncan scores late to put it away.

Bart: Duke wins 20-13

I think this game gets off to a slow start and Wake even leads for long portions of the game. Ultimately we will stall out on offense and Duke will capitalize late to take the lead. Wake will have a chance to tie it up and drive downfield only to throw an interception to end it. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Chris: Duke wins 20-7

Had this game as a loss in my predictions and I still think we lose. Week 1 didn't exactly inspire confidence, and Coach said he didn't want to "blow things up after one week" and that we had "execution problems" so I'm not sure we will throw a lot of different looks out there. My big hopes for a win would be getting some turnovers on defense and keeping it low scoring. I just don't like our chances.

Samurai: Duke wins 24-14

I'm predicting a better offensive performance and a worse defensive outing. I see the game being fairly close much of the way, but Duke on the road proves to be too much, with a late TD for Duke padding the lead and sealing it. I never expected us to win this game so unless we get some major injury or lose by four scores, I can't imagine being too upset one way or the other. If they win, though, it'll take a week in which I've been sick and make me feel awesome so make it happen, boys Prove me wrong.

Grumpy: Wake Forest wins 17-14

Wake's defense puts on a better show than NCCU did, and the line (including DUKE Ejiofor) rattle Daniel Jones who ends up making some mistakes. Hey, maybe 6 of those points come from a defensive touchdown, which it feels like hasn't happened in forever. Meanwhile, Wake does a better job distributing the ball to its playmakers than it did last week, but ultimately only puts up enough points to get the win.

Adam: Duke wins 27-13

As of right now I don't have very much confidence in the offense, especially if they continue to change QBs in the middle of drives. With that being said, I think the Wake offense struggles through much of this game, putting the defense in some tough situations. The defense will put up a good fight for about a half, but fatigue will finally get the better of them in the second half.

Rob: Duke wins 24-17

I desperately want Wake to win this game. This game has the potential to be great for our program, but I think Duke is a more complete team and they are playing at home. I worry about Jela Duncan breaking a big run, and I worry about Wake going against Duke’s corners considering they struggled to gain separation against Tulane.