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Wake Forest Depth Chart vs. Duke

How does the Wake Forest Depth Chart look this week vs. Duke?

Yesterday Wake Forest released its depth chart for the Duke game coming up on Saturday. We had a lot of other content, and there weren’t a lot of big changes (really at all), so we pushed the publish date back to today.

Below you will find the First, Second, and sometimes Third stringer at each position. I broke the charts down into Offense and Defense for ease (Special Teams remained the same).

In addition to the order, we will keep up with Snaps from the previous game, as well as Total Snaps on the year. This will enable everybody to keep track of the amount of snaps everybody is getting as the year goes along.

Pos Player Snaps (prior game) Total Snaps
QB John Wolford 39 39
Kendall Hinton 17 17
TB Cade Carney 30 30
Matt Colburn 29 29
or Rocky Reid 5 5
WR - X Cortez Lewis 15 15
or Scotty Washington 40 40
WR -Slot Tabari Hines 28 28
or Chuck Wade 39 39
WR - S Alex Bachman 24 24
Steven Claude 43 43
TE Cam Serigne 52 52
Devin Pike 15 15
Jack Freudenthal 6 6
LT Justin Herron 56 56
Jake Benzinger 0 0
LG Tyler Hayworth 57 57
Taylor Chambers 0 0
C Josh Harris 57 57
Patrick Osterhage 1 1
RG Phil Haynes 41 41
Nathan Gilliam 16 16
RT Ryan Anderson 57 57
Cameron Gardner 0 0

On offense everything remained the exact same on the depth chart. A couple of things that stuck out to me with the snap counts:

  • The offensive line played 6 guys (Osterhage was listed as only playing on special teams, but I’m guessing that snap was actually taken at left tackle as Herron is only marked down for 76). Herron, Hayworth, Harris, and Anderson played basically the whole game, while Phil Haynes was spelled late for 16 plays due to fatigue.
  • The QB controversy broke down in favor of John Wolford, who took 39 snaps, compared to Kendall Hinton’s 17. Wolford attempted 17 passes, to Hinton’s 9. While not perfect due to broken plays/sacks, that breaks down to approximately a 56/44 Run/Pass ratio while Wolford was on the field, and a 76/24 Run/Pass ratio while Hinton was on the field. Stats like this are something that, if Wake continues to do, defenses will exploit when Hinton is in the game.
  • It was an even breakdown between Carney and Colburn, while Reid got just 5 snaps. Tyler Bell should be healthy this weekend, so keeping an eye on what he does will be fun to watch as well.
  • Wide receivers were all over the place, and Cortez Lewis didn’t play the first half, but recorded 15 snaps in the second half. Chuck Wade, Scotty Washington, and Steven Claude got the most snaps.
Pos Player Snaps (prior game) Total Snaps
DE Duke Ejiofor 46 46
Paris Black 10 10
DT Willie Yarbary 15 15
Shelldon Lewinson 52 52
DT Josh Banks 0 0
Chris Stewart 62 62
DE Wendell Dunn 52 52
Chris Calhoun 39 39
BUCK Jaboree Williams 42 42
Justin Strnad 8 8
MIKE Marquel Lee 66 66
Grant Dawson 46 46
Nate Mays 2 2
ROV Demetrius Kemp 61 61
Thomas Brown 40 40
CB Brad Watson 86 86
Amari Henderson 0 0
FS Ryan Janvion 52 52
Cameron Glenn 46 46
SS Jessie Bates 60 60
Josh Okonye 20 20
Traveon Redd 0 0
CB Dionte Austin 56 56
Essang Bassey 20 20

On defense there was exactly one change from last week, and that is Josh Okonye replacing Traveon Redd as the back up to Jessie Bates at safety. That doesn’t come as a big surprise given Okonye’s 20 snaps to Redd’s 0 snaps vs. Tulane.

  • Getting Duke Ejiofor out there for more snaps as he gets healthy (just 46 against Tulane) is going to be big for the defense. Along the same lines, Josh Banks was a late scratch, giving Chris Stewart 62 snaps on the day. Not listed on the depth chart is Elontae Bateman, who payed his first snaps for Wake Forest, registering 19 snaps.
  • At the linebacker position, Julian Jackson is also not listed, but played 11 snaps (mostly in 3rd and long situations), and excelled tremendously, registering 2 sacks during the game.
  • In the secondary, Brad Watson registered a team high 86 snaps, over 20 more than second place Marquel Lee. Ryan Janvion and Cameron Glenn played 52 and 46 snaps respectively in the Free Safety position, as that will be a position battle we continue to watch.

Overall there are very few changes on the depth chart, but we will likely see some separation in the “Or” departments, particularly at the wide receiver spot.

I was actually surprised to see that Hinton only got 17 snaps at the QB position, as it seemed he got a lot more than that. Probably more due to the way that we rotated (seemingly randomly) than anything else.

If anything else stuck out that I missed, or if there are any questions I will do my best to answer them!