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How Wake Forest’s Opponents Performed in Week 3

What can Wake fans expect from the rest of this year’s football schedule?

Tulane v Wake Forest Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Each week Blogger So Dear will publish the results of every other team on Wake’s schedule from the current week. This allows readers to quickly and easily access what our opponents are doing as the Deacs aim for the all-important six win mark to make a bowl game (off to a good start with three wins - threeto go boys!):

Tulane (1-2): Lost to Navy 21-14

Duke (1-2): Lost to Northwestern 24-13

Delaware (2-1): Lost to Wake Forest 38-21

Indiana (2-0): Beat Ball State 30-20

N.C. State (2-1): Beat Old Dominion 49-22

Syracuse (1-2): Lost to South Florida 45-20

Florida State (2-1): Lost to Louisville 63-20

Army (3-0): Beat UTEP 66-14

Virginia (0-3): Lost to Connecticut 13-10

Louisville (3-0): Beat Florida State 63-20

Clemson (3-0): Beat South Carolina State 59-0

Boston College (1-2): Lost to Virginia Tech 49-0

Overall Opponents’ Season Record: 21-14

Overall Opponents’ Season Record v. FBS: 12-13 (9-1 against FCS schools)

Remaining Opponents’ Season Record: 17-9

Remaining Opponents’ Season v. FBS: 12-8

Wake is 3-0 but none of the three teams they’ve beaten have knocked off an FBS school yet. Indiana is 2-0 with wins over FIU and Ball State and look to provide a tough task this week in Bloomington but neither of the next two games (N.C. State & Syracuse) have knocked off an FBS team yet either.