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Kendall Hinton Named Starting Quarterback

The redshirt sophomore has been named the starting QB over John Wolford

Wake Forest v Duke Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

After leading Wake Forest to a 24-14 win over Duke on Saturday, Kendall Hinton has been named the starting quarterback ahead of the Delaware game this Saturday.

Les Johns was the first to report this, tweeting a picture of the updated Depth Chart from practice:

Hinton threw for 133 yards on 11 pass attempts (6-11), and added an additional 63 yards with his legs on 11 rush attempts.

Navigating a primarily zone-read offense against a questionable Duke front seven, Hinton relied heavily on true freshman Cade Carney and sophomore Matt Colburn for yardage on the ground to make the offense flow successfully.

John Wolford took 11 snaps in the Duke game, resulting in: 3 sacks, 3 QB runs, 3 completions for a whopping 21 yards, and 2 incompletions.

Hinton stepped in during the second quarter to lead the Deacs down the field on a 6 play, 85 yard drive, and never relinquished the role, taking every single snap from scrimmage the rest of the game.

Coach Clawson had the following to say about Hinton during his weekly press conference:

It will be important for John Wolford to stay in game shape, as the offense that Wake Forest runs can be heavy on hits to the quarterback, especially on a mobile QB like Hinton coming out of the zone read.

Once the depth chart is fully released, we will have an article detailing all the changes ahead of the Delaware game.