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BSD Roundtable Part III: Which true freshman do you expect to have the biggest impact?

The BSD Roundtable continues on as the staff examines what freshman will have the biggest impact for Wake Forest this season.

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Part I

Part II

We have taken a look at who will be the breakout stars for both the offense and defense, so now it's time to turn our attention to the new guys.

Who does the Blogger So Dear staff will have the biggest impact as a true freshman at Wake Forest this season?

Adam: I have to go with Dom Maggio. Punting is a crucial part of the game, especially when your offense can sometimes struggle to move the ball. Flipping the field so that the defense isn't playing with their backs on the goal-line the whole game helps keep the opponent off the scoreboard. If Maggio can keep other teams starting from deep in their own territory, it will take pressure off the defense and swing the field position so that the offense is in a better position to score when they get the ball back.

Jake: Essang Bassey is another name that Clawson seems to be pleased with so far through camp. The true freshman cornerback from Georgia is going to see a lot of snaps alongside Brad Watson and is sure to see many passes come his way as a result. Another strong corner could ease some of the concerns we all saw last year at the position.

Chris: I've already mentioned Cade Carney, but I think between Essang Bassey and Sulaiman Kamara there's some excellent true freshman talent coming into the defense this year that will get the opportunity to play, and with the lack of depth in the secondary and the injury to Amari Robinson, I think Bassey has the best chance to make an impact this season. Dom Maggio is another good answer here at Punter U.

Bart: Given my four year affinity for Alex Kinal and the kurious kase of the #KinalKount, I feel I would be remiss by not giving air time to my dude Dom Maggio who, according to Twitter, has been putting some LEG into his punts during fall practice. He's a guy who will start from day one (even if it weren't quasi by default, he would still be the guy) and I think that even though Kinal was consistent and a great punter, Maggio is going to be the next great punter from #PunterU in the mold of Ramsey, Plackemeier, and Kinal (the law firm).

Riley: Obviously Cade Carney wins this one for me since I think he will be a leader at the running back position, other than Carney I will say Dom Maggio will have the biggest impact. He's replacing Alex Kinal and sounds like he is booming them at practice. We know more than any other team how important a punter can be, and I think he will fill in quite well.