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BSD Roundtable Part I: Who will have a breakout season on offense?

Part I of a BSD Roundtable Series on the Wake Forest Football Team.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday everybody! As we get towards the first game of the season (13 days!!!), we will be increasing and ramping up content each day to get the reader prepared and knowledgeable. One of the best ways to do this is by examining the team from different angles to help everybody catch up and know the players.

Over the next week we will have a question a day that our diligent staff has answered and discussed. As always we love the discussion in the comments, so if you disagree or have any questions then be sure to let your voice be heard!

Which offensive player do you expect to have a breakout season?

Bart: Maybe this is an odd answer, but I expect John Wolford to be the big offensive name that has a "breakout" season. I put breakout in quotes because he's already a name known to Wake fans, and is in a competition for the starting spot, but I fully expect Wolford to parlay his first two seasons of experience into a good junior campaign. He has a solid arm and with an anticipated improvement from the front five, he will have time to sit back in the pocket, make some good reads, and deliver on time.

Adam: I also think Wolford is due for a breakout season. We already know that when he gets time he can throw some super accurate lasers anywhere on the field. With some improvement on the OLine and the increased talent at the running back position, our run game will be more effective so that Wolford isn't stuck in 3rd and long, obvious passing situations the whole game. Running the ball effectively will also allow us to set up our play action pass game, which should help to get guys open.

Jake: On the offensive side I'll go with Alex Bachman. The Deacs are fortunate to have a talented and deep WR corps and the attention paid to Lewis, Hines, and Serigne will create some space for the sophomore. Bachman has fantastic hands and is one of the best route runners on the team. He'll surprise many who aren't as familiar with the Deacs since last year's squad.

Riley: I think Cade Carney is going to come in and surprise everybody. I'm not sure he can have a "breakout" season since he is a freshman, but I expect him to get a lot of carries out of the backfield, and also put them to good use. He has a unique blend of power and speed that will propel him to a solid campaign. I predict he gets close to 750 yards (HOT TAKE ALERT) and at least 5 touchdowns.

Chris: I wish I could say Hinton because I think he gives us the greatest chance of success at QB this season, and if the OL is improved or the playbook opens up, I really think he could have a breakout season. But since there's still a tossup there, I'm going to say Cade Carney. Early practice and scrimmage reports look good, and if he gets a good share of the carries, and especially if the playcalls change to a more quickly developing run behind a better line, we could have a half-decent ground game for the first time in years.

Who did we miss? Let us know!