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Wake Forest Basketball Heads to the Bahamas

The Demon Deacons head to the Bahamas for some pre-season basketball action.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Wake Forest basketball team headed to the Bahamas this morning where they will play three pre-season games.

August 16th: Wake Forest vs. University of Toronto (10 a.m.)

August 17th: Wake Forest vs. CTG Knights (7 p.m.)

August 18th: Wake Forest vs. Real Deal Shockers

All three games will be aired on YouTube, and we will post a game thread an hour before each game for those inclined to watch/chat with us during the games.

The Demon Deacons will take on the University of Toronto Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. in the Sir Kendal Isaacs Gymnasium. I would assume that this would not be a difficult game, but the VARSITY BLUES (yes that's their nickname) just defeated UNLV yesterday 80-79.

Tomorrow we will find out whether or not we need to put money on the Varsity Blues to win the Canadian Title, or bet UNLV to finish last place in the Mountain West, so stay tuned for that.

On Wednesday, the Deacs will get to sleep in as they take on the CTG Knights at 7 p.m. I managed to find out that they have played two games this pre-season already. They lost to Ball State 74-53, and then narrowly lost to Missouri State 87-86. For reference, Ball State finished 150th and Missouri State finished 240th last season in KenPom, so that's the type of competition we are dealing with there.

Finally, Wake Forest will take on the Real Deal Shockers (these are some great nicknames) on Thursday at 7 p.m. I can't find a lot about them, but they apparently beat a team called the Cyborgs 96-76 back in March in what the Tribune242 called "a real shocker". They also lost to Louisville 113-58 back in 2011, so there's that.

Regardless of the competition, it will be good to see the team overall, and especially some of the new faces. For those that need a reminder, here is a link to the roster with all of our players on it.

We haven't seen anything all that would indicate an injury or somebody not playing. Players making their debut in Old Gold and Black are: Brandon Childress, Donovan Mitchell, Sam Japheth-Mathias, Rich Washington, Keyshawn Woods, and Austin Arians.

While these games will hopefully not be competitive at all, I am ready for some Wake Forest sports, and this is what we will use to hold us over for the two weeks before football season starts. I hope you will all join me for these three games as we overanalyze and fret about our team two months before we begin the regular season.

Go Deacs!