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Wake Forest to sell alcohol at Home Basketball and Football Games

Wake Forest will sell alcohol at football and basketball games, accessible to the entire stadium.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

Often times on here we have lamented that when Wake Forest athletics drives us to drink we cannot do so because there is no alcohol sold at BB&T Field or The Joel. That is no longer the case, as starting this fall, Wake Forest will sell alcohol at home football and basketball games.

According to the official press release:

Wake Forest University will have beer and wine sales stadium-wide for football games at BB&T Field and at the Joel Coliseum in 2016-17. Athletic Director Ron Wellman made the announcement today.

Aside from the obvious jokes about alcohol and our beloved Deacs, this is a very good move for the Wake Forest administration. Not only will it increase revenue inside the stadium, it will likely encourage more people to come out, and stay in games throughout the 3rd Quarter.

The fact that the home schedule in football looks very favorable, and basketball should be improved and continue to get better, will also be big drivers in attendance, and consequently even more revenue for the school as well.

This has been a fairly hot topic around ACC and NCAA schools alike as several schools have already gone to selling alcohol. Last year Wake Forest opened up a tent in front of the scoreboard that sold alcohol, but this will be stadium and coliseum-wide.

The health issue among students, and whether or not this will lead to more dangerous actions, is somewhat mitigated by the fact that they can still go out to the tennis courts at halftime to drink free beer, rather than buying $8-$10 beers. This will decrease the liability of the school and the odds that somebody gets intoxicated to the point of health dangers inside the stadium.

What does everybody think about this? Good idea? The worst idea ever? Would love to hear a fair share of comments on this one!