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Wake Forest Football: Running Back Depth Chart

I talked with Mark Rogers about the Wake Forest running back situation.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Wake Forest running game has left a lot to be desired over the past two seasons. Two years ago Wake Forest had a historically bad running game. Even though they improved last season, the Deacs still had one of the worst rushing averages in the country. Is there reason for optimism this season?

Wake Forest will have many more options at running back this year than they have had in previous seasons. In prior years, Wake really relied on a small number of backs, and truly lacked depth at the position. This season, however, I anticipate Wake Forest having strength in numbers. In no way to I anticipate that all of Wake's backs will have successful seasons, but the coaching staff has improved the talent level to the point where Wake's attack should be strong just because there is a reasonable chance that at least several Wake backs will have good seasons. Who are the most likely candidates? I share my thoughts in the video below.

Many thanks to Mark for taking the time to discuss the Wake Forest running back situation. He does a fantastic job covering all things college football, and I'd strongly encourage you to follow him on Twitter @MarkRogersTV and check out his YouTube channel.