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Walk Forest Football: Quarterback Depth Chart

I discuss the Wake Forest quarterback situation with Mark Rogers.

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Wake Forest's football season kicks off less than 75 days from now, which means it's time to start taking a closer look at what we can expect to happen this fall. Last week, Mark Rogers of Mark Rogers TV took the time to discuss the Wake Forest quarterback situation with me.

The quarterback situation is one that is definitely interesting this season. Junior John Wolford has been the starter during each of the last two seasons, but sophomore Kendall Hinton was impressive last season as a true freshman. He was able to make plays with his legs, and finished the season with 7 rushing touchdowns and nearly 400 rushing yards. Wolford, however,  completed a much higher percentage of his passes than did Hinton (60.7% to 52.2%) but still had accuracy issues. With an improved offensive line, will Wolford be more accurate? We also discussed the overall quarterback depth and what the position may look like moving forward. Who has the best chance of starting?

Many thanks to Mark for taking the time to discuss the Wake Forest quarterback situation. He does a fantastic job covering all things college football, and I'd strongly encourage you to follow him on Twitter @MarkRogersTV and check out his YouTube channel.