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New Bi-Weekly Feature: Blogger So Dear Mailbag

Wanna know the staff's favorite guard on the '99-00 roster? Got a comment or suggestion about the site? Email us and we will answer your questions!

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Blogger So Dear is proud to present a new feature to the site: The BSD Mailbag.

We love our readers, be they die hard Wake Forest fans from the Bones McKinney era, current and future students, or the odd rando. So we've created the BSD Mailbag as a way of letting our audience engage with us here on staff.

Send in questions, comments, rants, ideas for roundtables, pieces, features you'd like to see, tailgate recipes, even amazing stories of drunken exploits in the tunnels (if you don't know, you don't know [no but seriously we're joking about that last one...probably.])  Every now and again, we'll empty the mailbag, sometimes individually, sometimes as a group, sometimes seriously, sometimes in goofy fashion.  Either way, though, everybody wins.  You, the wonderful readers, get a chance to interface with BSD in a new way, and we have more ways to keep the awesome content rolling.

Email us at and every two weeks, we will answer as many emails as we can as an ongoing feature.